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00779 Display med 20 st godsvagnar

Godsvagn 20st/fp 0,05
Kampanjvara t.o.m. 2020-12-31
Pris: 2 795 kr/st
Pris: 3 923 kr/st
00779 Display med 20 st godsvagnar

00779 "Sheet Piling Wall Cars" Display with 20 Freight Cars

00779 Display med 20 st godsvagnar

Gauge: H0    Era: IV   

Display med 20 st godsvagnar, "Sheet Piling Wall Cars", längd över buffertar 16,2 cm per vagn.

Mer information finns i Nyhetskatalogen 2012 sidan 88.

Prototype: Different freight cars with sheet steel walls in the sheet piling wall form of the German Federal Railroad (DB) type Gbs 256 (Glmms 64). Version without truss rods. Part of the cars as delivered new around 1966, part of the cars as they looked around 1977.
Model: The two-axle sheet piling wall cars come in an attractive display, 8 of them looked like newly delivered cars and 12 looking weathered. All of the cars have different car numbers. Each car comes individually packaged in marked boxes. Length over the buffers for each car 16.2 cm / 6-3/8". DC wheel set for each car 2 x 700580.

  • Type Gbs 256 sheet piling wall cars are new tooling.
  • Available individually at your authorized dealer in a well-arranged display.
  • Different car numbers for long trains.

One-time series.