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Personvagn 2a: klass typ DB Bie-30


Gauge: H0    Era: III   
Prototype: 20 different German Federal Railroad (DB) 2-axle passenger cars. Type ABi-28 standard design "Donnerbüchse" / "Thunder Box" car, 1st/2nd class, type Bi-30 standard design "Donnerbüchse" / "Thunder Box" car, 2nd class, type B3 Prussian compartment car, 2nd class, type AB-21 standard design compartment car, 1st/2nd class, type Bd-21b standard design compartment car, 2nd class, type Pwi-23 baggage car, and type Pwi-30 baggage car. The cars look as they did at the end of the Fifties.
Model: All 20 cars are contained in an attractive display in different quantities (2 x ABi-28, 4 x Bi-30, 4 x B3, 2 x AB-21, 4 x Bd-21b, 2 x Pwi-23, 2 x Pwi-30). All of the cars have different car numbers. The baggage cars have sliding doors that can be opened. Each car comes individually packaged in a marked box. Prussian compartment car, length over the buffers 13.5 cm / 5-5/16", all of the other cars, length over the buffers 16.0 cm / 6-5/16". For the AB-21, Bd-21b, and Pwi-23 cars, DC wheel set per car 2 x 32376004, all of the other cars, DC wheel set per car 2 x 700580.
One-time series.
These passenger cars go very well with the class 64 steam locomotive, item no. 39640 / 39646, or the class 24 steam locomotive, item no. 36240, as well as the class V 80 diesel locomotive, item no. 36080.
This display can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item no. 23445.


Artnr: 00792-05 Bie-30
Lagerstatus: 5st i lager


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