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Controlling Locomotives, Trains, and Accessories – Electrical Manual


General introduction to electricity. Fundamentals of wiring for connections on conventionally powered layouts as well as for layouts controlled digitally with the 6021 controller, etc., and layouts controlled with Märklin Systems. Controlling turnouts. Examples of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operations for layouts controlled with analog, digital, or with Märklin Systems. Operation of working models such as the crane, coaling station, turntable, transfer table, etc. Numerous examples of applications and circuits. Functional test of components. Format 26.4 x 22 cm / 10-3/8" x 8-11/16". Hardbound.

  • Märklin H0 Electrical Manual.
  • Completely new edition.
  • Includes using Märklin Systems.

English language edition.
The contents are the same as the 07420 German edition.


Artnr: 07421
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