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170489 Specialolja

Specialolja 25 ml
Faller kampanj t.o.m. 2020-12-31
Pris: 49 kr/st
Pris: 58 kr/st

170489 Specialolja

Skala: Alla

Specialolja, för små motorer och drivningar, med specialkanyl för fin dosering.
Innehåller 25 ml.

For small motors and gear mechanisms. With a special needle applicator for a precise dosage and clean oiling in places which are difficult to access. The oil is acid-free and does not gum.
Note: The FALLER Special Oiler (170489) is suitable for all steel and brass parts used in model construction, especially for the mechanisms (screws, gears) of the FALLER Car System vehicles (however, not the front axle), for our synchronous motors (180628, 180629, 330090) and naturally, also for your locomotives.

Note: FALLER Special Lubricant + Teflon® (170488) is well-suited for lubricating all plastic parts (among others, polystyrene) in model construction, especially for all movable parts of the Kirmes items, front axles and mechanisms of the FALLER Car System vehicles, for gate motors and mill wheels.
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