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180730 Ljudmodul

Faller kampanj t.o.m. 2021-03-31
Pris: 1 088 kr/st
Pris: 1 280 kr/st

180730 Ljudmodul

Aside from lighting effects noises are the best way to emotionalise a model scene or diorama.
FALLER now offers a control covering all sound options imaginable. From barking dogs to a vehicle’s horn or even complex chime of bells, anything’s possible.
The best part: You’re the conductor! Simply transfer the desired sound files in a common mp3 format onto the USB stick included and play them on your model.
The control has 10 inputs to play the different sounds. They can be activated by switch, sensor or a track switch and emitted on the speakers included or other action boxes. If you have LocoNet you can also activate many more sounds via your digital control centre.
The software included enables you to easily organise your sound library with more than 100 sounds.

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