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Startset "Belgian High Speed Train"
29202 Startset "Belgian High Speed Train"

Spänning, Typ: Batteri
Skala, Era: H0

Pris: 323 kr/st

29202 "Belgian High Speed Train" Starter Set


Gauge: H0   

Startset "Belgian High Speed Train" My World, 5-delat snabbtåg "Thalys" - För den yngre generationen!
Enkelt batteridrivet, passande leksak för barn över 3 år. Tåget har 3 olika farthastigeter båda framåt och bakåt,
3 olika ljud, totallängd på tågsetet 61 cm.

C-räls oval medföljer
Rälsoval 112 x 76 cm.
20130 x 12 Kurva
20172 x 2 Rak
20188 x 2 Rak

Mer information finns i Nyhetskatalogen 2012 sidan 26.

Prototype: Five-part train set.
Model: The train has a battery powered drive and magnet couplers between the individual cars. There is a permanently coupled unit consisting of a motorized end car and a passenger car with a built-in battery holder. The train has 3 speed levels in both forward and reverse direction of travel, 3 sound functions, and triple headlights. Train length 61.0 cm / 24-3/8". Contents: 12 no. 24130 curved track, 2 no. 24172 straight track, 2 no. 24188 straight track, and an easy-to-use, wireless infrared controller. 4 each AA and 2 each AAA batteries included. The train can be operated with 2 different frequencies, thus allowing you to add a second battery train. This set can be expanded with the C Track extension sets and the entire C Track program.

  • Battery operated train with light and sound functions.
  • Magnet couplers used to make coupling cars child's play.
  • A very suitable toy for children ages 3 and above.
  • Sturdy C Track with the "Click System" for fast setup and takedown – even on the floor.
  • Batteries included.

One-time series.