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Freight Car Set for the Class V 188
V 188 Heavy Double Diesel Locomotive
Kampanjvara t.o.m. 2020-12-31
Pris: 1 794 kr/st
Pris: 1 843 kr/st


Freight Car Set for the Class V 188

Gms 30, Gl 22, Type F, Gmhs 30, Glt 23

Model: The "Dresden" boxcar comes as one car without a suggested end wall door and as one car with a low end wall door, each car with truss rods and additional step boards. All of the cars are weathered authentically. All of the cars have different car numbers, and come individually packaged and marked. Total length over the buffers 83.8 cm / 33". DC wheel set per freight car E700580.

Prototype: 7 different type freight cars for the German Federal Railroad (DB) and the Italian State Railways (FS). 2 type Gms 30 "Oppeln" freight cars, without a brakeman's platform or a brakeman's cab. 1 type Gmhs 30 "Oppeln" freight car, with a brakeman's platform but without a brakeman's cab. 1 type Gl 22 "Dresden" freight car and 1 type Glt 23 "Dresden" freight car. 2 type F freight car with peaked roofs. All of the cars look as they did at the start of the Sixties.

*All of the cars include authentic weathering.
*All of the cars include different car numbers.

Article No. 47367
Gauge H0
Design type 1:87
Kind Freight Car Sets