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Godsvagnset ”Transfer Train” German Federal Railroad (DB)
Kampanj till låg låga priser. t.o.m. 2021-03-31
Pris: 799 kr/st
Pris: 980 kr/st

48802 ”Transfer Train” Car Set


Era: III
Prototype: 5 different German Federal Railroad (DB) freight cars.
Model: Livestock car with sliding doors that can be opened. Low side car with board walls. Loaded with terracotta tub containers. Flat car with removable stakes. Loaded with 2 truck frames in a load framework. Gondola with hinged roof hatches that can be opened. Freight train baggage car with separately applied brake rigging. Total length over buffers 69.9 cm / 27-1/2”. DC wheel set 12 x 70 0580.