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74466 Digital Installation Decoder

421 kr


 This decoder can be installed in the C Track three-way turnout (24630) with an electric mechanism. The digital formats supported are mfx, Motorola, and DCC. Connections are with plug contacts, for Märklin and Trix C Track three-way turnouts. An address can be set with coding switches (Motorola format 1 to 320 / DCC format 1 to 511) or also at a programming track. Turnout lanterns can be connected and controlled (soldering knowledge required).

A digital decoder can be installed simultaneously or later on with the electric mechanism for turnouts. The decoder is simply connected with plug contacts and it can be given a custom address for each turnout (Address 1 to 256). Tools or special knowledge is not required for the installation. The digital current supply can be taken directly from the train operation contact for the turnout. This gives you a finished digital turnout that is immediately ready for use on temporary layouts.



Artnr: 74466
Lagerstatus: 2st i lager


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