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Gauge: Z    
Set consists of 3 models of the class 03 express locomotive with tender. One each model in a version with the locomotive and tender body made of solid 18 carat gold, sterling silver, and solid bronze. 3 cut diamonds shine as triple headlights on each locomotive. 3 rubies serve to represent the marker lights on each tender. The locomotives are fully functional and are equipped with a 5-pole motor. All of the driving axles are powered. All of the wheels are gold plated. The wheels on the locomotives feature black spokes. The side rods, drive rods, and crosshead guides are gold plated and inlaid with black. All 3 locomotives in this set are provided with consecutive numbering and thereby make each set unique and unmistakable. These exclusive decorative pieces are protected in a high quality case. White gloves are included to protect the locomotives. A numbered certificate confirms the authenticity of this unique edition. The length over the buffers for each locomotive is 112 mm / 4-7/16". This steam locomotive edition is being produced in a one-time series and only on order in 2004. The extremely expensive process for the manufacture of this edition is reflected in the strictly limited run.


Artnr: 88853
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