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F110131 Station "Wittenberg"

623 kr Ord. Pris (957 kr)
Wittenberg Station, Skala H0


A station of the future. One-storey station building with travel agency, waiting lounge and service facilities in the Lutheran town of Wittenberg, designed according to the original drawings by DB Station&Service AG. Functionality, living quality and appearance of the building are still enhanced by a pioneering package of measures: while roofs covered with grass, large glazed areas and building materials of vegetable origin such as slate and bricks determine the overall impression, geothermics, photo voltaic technology and infiltration utilities provided for rainwater allow to operate the original building with a most climate-friendly vision. After the completion of the »Kerpen-Horrem« station building that was granted several awards already, it is the second environmentally friendly high-tech complex of the pilot project »Green Station«. The original with a surface area of 695 m² will be completed at the end of 2016 just in time before the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation movement initiated in the Lutheran town of Wittenberg.


Artnr: F110131
Lagerstatus: 1st i lager


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