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46775 District Inspector's Class KLV 04 Gang Car

353 kr


Era: III   
Prototype: 3-seat class KLV 04 "enclosed" district inspector's gang car. Production of different versions of these vehicles as successors to the class KLV 01 was started in the Forties. The class KLV 04 was available as the type C3 (with a relatively large storage area) with a permanent superstructure and with a hinged roof, i.e. as a convertible, which was later rebuilt in part to a permanent superstructure due to the limited life span of the folding roof. The class KLV 04 was equipped with a 2-cylinder, 2-cycle motor and often had a 10 liter / approximately 2.5 gallon gasoline tank.
Model: This model is the class KLV 04 district inspector's gang car. The superstructure is constructed of metal. The model has many separately applied details. It has a prototypical paint scheme and lettering. The model also has interior details. It is not powered but can be rolled. Length approximately 2.8 cm / 1-1/8".
  • Superstructure constructed of metal. Prototypical paint scheme and lettering.
  • Multi-colored wheels.
  • Numerous separately applied details included.
This item is being produced in this version in a one-time series in 2011.


Artnr: 46775
Lagerstatus: 2st i lager


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