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45655 Vagnsset med 5 djurtransportvagnar

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Gauge: H0    Era: III   

Vagnsset med 5 st djurtransportvagnar "American Railroads", 5 typ S-40-12 vagnar i olika märkningar "Santa Fe",
"Great Northern", "Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad", "Rock Island" och "Southern Pacific T&NO",
vagnarna har öppningsbara dörrar, separat monterade detaljer, längd över buffertar 15,5 cm/vagn.

Mer information finns i Nyhetskatalogen 2012 sidan 148.

Prototype: 5 type S-40-12 stock cars for different American railroads: Santa Fe, Great Northern, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, Rock Island, and Southern Pacific T&NO. The cars look as they did in Era III.
Model: The car frames are constructed of metal. The detailed trucks have special wheel sets. The sliding doors can be opened. The roof walks, ladders, the brake equipment, and other details are separately applied. The couplers can be replaced by other makes of couplers. All of the cars come individually packaged. Length over the couplers for each car 15.5 cm / 6-1/8". DC wheel set for each car 4 x 32 0552 (NEM), 4 x 32 0389 (RP25).
One-time series.
This car set goes very well with the "Big Boy" steam locomotive available under item no. 37994.


Artnr: 45655
Lagerstatus: 0st i lager


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