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48800 Vagnsset med 5 godsvagnar

Kampanjvara t.o.m. 2020-12-31
Pris: 1 344 kr/st
Pris: 1 415 kr/st
48800 Vagnsset med 5 godsvagnar

48800 Freight Car Set

48800 Vagnsset med 5 godsvagnar

Gauge: H0    Era: III   

Vagnsset med 5 st godsvagnar typ BBÖ/ÖBB, 1 godsvagn, 1 flakvagn, 1 tankvagn och 1 konduktörsvagn,
lastad med traktor och stolpvagn lastad med timmer, totallängd över buffertar 67,4 cm.

Mer information finns i Nyhetskatalogen 2012 sidan 113.

Prototype: 5 older Austrian Federal Railways (BBÖ/ÖBB). 1 boxcar, 1 low side car, 1 stake car, 1 tank car, and 1 car for the conductor and brakemen. Typical train composition from the earlier freight service on the Semmering line. The cars look as they did in Era III.
Model: The boxcar has sliding doors. The low side car is loaded with a model of a tractor. The stake car has a load of trimmed timber. The four-axle tank car has a brakeman's cab. The car for the conductor and brakemen has a continuous roof. All of the cars have NEM coupler pockets and close coupler mechanisms. Total length of the set 67.4 cm / 26-1/2".
One-time series.