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22091 Ellok

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Gauge: Trix H0 Era: V

One-time series.
Prototype: Class 185 general-purpose locomotive. Privately owned locomotive painted and lettered for the firm TX Logistik, Bad Honnef, Germany, leased by Angel Trains London / Cologne.
Model: The locomotive has a digital decoder for DCC, Selectrix, and conventional operation with automatic system recognition. The locomotive can also be run conventionally. It has a special can motor. 4 axles powered through cardan shafts. 2 traction tires. The triple headlights change over with the direction of travel. They are maintenance-free LEDs that will work in conventional operation and that can be controlled digitally. The direct control (acceleration and braking delay) can be controlled with DCC, Selectrix, or with Trix Systems. The locomotive comes with 2 pantographs that can be raised and lowered manually (they are not wired to take power from the catenary). The locomotive has close coupler pockets in NEM pockets at both ends. Length over the buffers 217 mm / 8-1/2".
Silver Convention. The firm TX Logistik is a railroad company established in 1999 that currently works closely with the firm Trenitalia, which has invested in it. TXL offers complex transport chains as a total service with the objective of taking freight transport from the roads, particularly transit traffic, and moving it by rail. To do this, TXL has its own car roster, but most importantly it also has its own locomotives and engineers - running time on the railroads and power for the locomotives are purchased from the railroads over which the TXL trains run. A high level of transportation quality, speed, and safety is reached with modern equipment and expert service - these are the critical factors in competition. TXL employs a total of 31 electric locomotives. The class 185 units are on a long term lease from their British owner Angel Trains (ATC).
Era V freight cars from almost all of the Central European railroads go well with this locomotive.


Artnr: T22091
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